Here at Shamrock Marine we strive to provide every customer with the best possible service. This is evident in every aspect of our company. From operations to boat personnel we will do everything we can to provide the best customer service possible. Our operations are in constant contact with our fleet so that any changes to orders can be processed quickly and efficiently.
Our fleet consits of 3 brand new boats, pushing out a combine horsepower of 6000 hp and 3 new barges. Both our boats and barges exceed all expectations for current emission standards and fuel efficiency.
September 20,2012 saw the christening of our newest addition to the fleet the M/V Patrick J. Studdert. This boat boasts 2000 Horsepower and marks one of our most economical builds yet.

Our current fleet consists of the M/V San Brooklyn pushing the Shamrock 500. A 30,000 barrel Bunker Barge, with segregated tanks for High Sulfur, Low Sulfur oil, and Diesel. This boat is currently servicing Mississippi and Alabama. We have the M/V San Pedro pushing the Shamrock 900 and Shamrock 901. Both of the barges were built with the capability to haul asphalt. Both barges are 30,000 barrel barges with special Volcanic heaters to maintain the required temperature to keep asphalt heated. This boat currently services New Orleans and the surrounding areas.

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